I finally get down to writing my first post, been working on the blog for a while now, trying to get it to my taste, sigh, it has been exhausting, the good thing is I currently don’t have anything else really taking a chunk of my time and that to me is a blessing, wouldn’t have focused as much as i needed to.

So yeah, what will be writing on, as  it stands i will stick with the things i know and have passion for, i really like writing and for me this is a hobby and i hope i am able to resinate with people as much as i need to cause they are the motivation to keep writing and if they don’t motivate me i can’t push on as much as i need to, so like i said i will write on the things i have passion for, am actually excited about this and i hope to put in my be    Who are my audience, well is for everyone from the young to the old, they is new body of knowledge for everyone who wants to learn something new everyday, i hope to satisfy your hunger for new things and also bring you entertainment of the best kind, while analyzing a few events that matter through my lenses.